how to motivate your partner
with Dr. John Gray

If you’ve been following our blog lately, you already know that we’ve been posting some incredible videos from a long interview we did with Dr. John Gray (bestselling relationship author, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus).

We asked him about everything, from the role of forgiveness in a relationship to the impacts of COVID-19.

But then we asked him about motivation. Namely, how do you actually motivate your partner to work on your relationship?

His answer is science-based, practical – and it works. So here’s the full, uncut, exclusive video (and 2 bonus videos for all new subscribers!).


how has COVID-19 impacted relationships?

What’s better than bonus Gray?? We’ve included 2 more videos with Dr. John Gray for you to save and revisit whenever you need them.

Why? Because like every waking minute across the entire waking world, it’s about the Coronavirus!

But since it’s us, CoupleWise, it’s about how COVID-19 and the larger effects of the pandemic are impacting relationships. Dr. Gray really dives deep on this one, so deep that his recommendations will have a profound impact on your relationship as it teaches you how to engage your prefrontal cortex (it’s the front of your brain and the logic center right above your eyes) and disengage your emotional fight or flight responses!

And when you disengage your fight or flight, you lower the chances of arguing with your partner (or, fighting). I don’t know about you, but we think that’s pretty incredible.

But there’s so much more to learn from our interview, so scroll down to watch!

Remember to save all of these videos on Vimeo so you can find them whenever you need them.


Relationship Exercises

In Part II of How is COVID-19 impacting relationships?, Dr. Gray delivers two powerful exercises to help you if you’re distressed, angry, saddened or hurt by your partner.

These exercises de-escalate the conflict, get you to analyze your feelings and emotional responses, and—help you learn how to communicate what you need from your partner in the future.

To help you put these exercises to good use in your lives, we turned them into a ready-made guide you can download, print, and follow. Click below to get it!

next steps

The reason we love these interviews with Dr. John Gray is that the methods he uses are so similar to the ones we use. CoupleWise was designed to do 3 major things: (1) show you what you need to be truly happy, (2) how to communicate those needs with your partner in a healthy, constructive way, and (3) how to remain open to your partner so you can experience true and increased happiness, understanding, and acceptance.

So now that you’ve watched all the videos and reviewed the exercises, it’s time to start using the CoupleWise Cycle:

  1. Login to your new CoupleWise account.
  2. Invite your partner to login to their CoupleWise account and connect it to yours.
  3. Separately, complete the Clarify Your Needs process (15 minutes) and share your responses with each other (we call this your Needs Map).
  4. Set some time aside, meet together and review your Maps.
  5. Then, start taking our in-depth Conflict Resolution Course.

The Conflict Resolution Course will teach you new skills that will immediately improve your romantic relationship—and it will also improve all of your other relationships with family, friends, even work colleagues.

CoupleWise has so much more to offer… including hundreds of relationship exercises, how to make and keep agreements… even a Know Each Other game! But the sooner you complete these first 5 steps, the sooner you will start relieving the tension, stress, animosity, and negativity in your relationship—and building a better relationship for the future.

Trust us, that’s why we’re the home for healthy relationships.

–The CoupleWise Team.