Now, CoupleWise comes with a therapist.
And it's still the same price. For real.

We’re so excited to be able to say this: Now, every CoupleWise subscription comes with a real, licensed therapist.

It’s still CoupleWise and our 24/7 guided relationship care, but now you also get a committed therapist who’s there for you every week.*


That’s a lot of care.


Therapists tell us all the time that we make great homework. Which makes sense, because we designed CoupleWise so you can use it along with your therapist! Identify issues faster, get live advice on the needs you should work on, get help sticking to your agreements or finishing your exercises… in short, get happier, faster.

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We can help if you’re…

Struggling in your relationships

Fighting more often than usual

Thinking about separation or divorce

Dealing with new problems brought on by COVID-19

Tele-Therapy is therapy for all.

  • Establish an ongoing relationship with a licensed therapist through video or phone sessions

  • Use CoupleWise with your therapist to work through relationship and marriage issues, family and child development issues, and more

  • $0 first-time visit fee with a therapist and $0 for all follow up visits with the selected therapist

  • All for less than 1/2 the cost of one counseling session!

It's also really easy to use.

Choose a local therapist.

Schedule an appointment seven days a week.

Have a session by phone or video from wherever you are.

How it works.

Slide Step 1:
Request a therapy visit.
Slide Step 2:
Select a session date
and time.
Slide Step 3:
Take a short behavioral
health assessment to
establish a baseline
and track treatment
Slide Step 4:
Check-in for your session.
Slide Step 5:
Meet with your therapist.

*All appointments dependent on availability in your state. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, wait times may be longer than normal. For new subscriptions purchased by the 15th of the month, Tele-Therapy + Tele-Medicine services will start on the 1st of the next month; new subscriptions purchased after the 15th are activated on the 1st of the month after.