A relationship program designed for your relationship

We took the best parts from traditional couples counseling, over 60 years of relationship research, plus the wisdom of other happy couples and combined it with seamless interactive technology to create a unique, guided therapeutic experience.

Clarify your needs

What do you and your partner need to be happy? We not only clarify those needs, but we help you meet them and then we teach you how to communicate them in a stress-free way.

Learn how to resolve conflict

Learn how to replace criticism & blame with empathy-based listening and conflict resolution skills that will immediately improve your relationship.

And repeat

Based on the process of world-renowned couples counselors, our 5-step process is the path you’ll follow to grow, repair, & strengthen your relationship… one need at a time.

CoupleWise is different

Advice sites and self-help books aren’t effective because advice alone doesn’t change behavior.

We’re different because we help you develop the healthy skills & behaviors that lead to long-lasting,

satisfying relationships.

Our founding psychologist, Dr. Gary Krane Ph.D., and our world-renowned team of advisors and technologists spent the last 10 years researching & designing CoupleWise to bring you a guided program that allows you to work on your relationship when you’re ready, and deliver real results.

• Immediately begin reducing stress.
• Learn how to resolve conflict & increase communication.
• Add more intimacy & romance to your relationship.
• Totally private & confidential from the comfort of home.
• Available 24/7/365 for pennies a day, not $100 – $200/hour.
• People with healthy relationships have less long-term illness, and live healthier, longer, happier lives. Click here to learn more about the emotional, spiritual, and even physical health benefits of CoupleWise.

CoupleWise works.

You start with our 24 Relationship Needs – all scientifically identified, including the 9 proven predictors of long-lasting relationships.

You select your most important needs and rate how satisfied you are with each of them. Then you choose which need you want to work on first.

You and your partner complete the therapeutic exercises related to your need and improve your satisfaction levels. Then, you move on to the next one. You’ll see your relationship change—one need at a time.

Our couples love us…

…and the feeling is mutual.