2012 January

The Role of Technology in Love Relationships: An Interview with CoupleWise Co-Founder, Gary Krane, Part II

By J. D. Peterson Last week we spoke with Dr. Gary Krane, founder of the CoupleWise multi-media online relationship-improvement service, to find out how this venture came about (see article “My Journey,” http://couplewise.wordpress.com/about-2/our-history/) and where it fits into the field of modern relationship counseling.  In this installment of the interview, Gary discusses the challenges his […]

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Motivating Your Partner to Improve the Relationship

By J. D. Peterson and Gary Krane So your relationship isn’t perfect—that’s good!  If you thought it was perfect, you’d either be in denial, or putting way too much pressure on your mate, or maybe you’re just unaware of your partner’s dark side (we’ve all got one).  Still, you think it could be better (and maybe […]

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