2014 January

Got a New Years Resolution to Revitalize Your Relationship?

Try These 7 Tips for a Happier Marriage/Committed Relationship: We all know sustaining strong, healthy relationships can be challenging.  What most of us really want to know is how to stop arguing, nagging, or getting bored and annoyed with each other. How can we get our relationship back to where it was when it started? […]

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5 Pro-Sexual Scripts to Improve Your Sex Life

It’s all too easy to function on auto-pilot. Richard Nicastro, Ph.D., a Psychologist and Marriage/Couples Counselor in Las Cruces, New Mexico talks about the mental scripts that influence our thought and behavior patterns on a conscious and unconscious level. Whether we realize it or not, they are our constant companion – we even take them […]

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Love as an Action Word

Lisa Firestone, PhD Director of Research and Education at The Glendon Association, teaches us that when we challenge our internal self critic, we enhance our self worth and open ourselves to the people we love.  She offers several behavioral measures of loving gestures and secrets to happiness according to a recent Harvard study.  Read further to […]

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