One is a Talker, the Other is Not

One is a Talker, the Other is Not

One of the biggest issues that comes with most relationships is difference between people and their personalities. Communication is one of the biggest aspects of a relationship as clear communication is typically needed for a successful one. One issue that you may face is your partner may not be as open or as comfortable sharing their vulnerabilities with you. The best thing to do during a time period like this is give them their space and tell them whenever they’re comfortable opening up, you’ll be there for them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Communication is one of the most difficult things that couples face as sometimes one person is much shier than the other.
  • You can help become a part of the mission that points couples to Christ and commissions their marriages for the gospel.
  • There are many different interactions that you can receive by joining the ministry as well as discount codes.

“In this episode, we walked through some ideas to help bridge the connection void if that’s you.”

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