4 Types of Relationship Baggage and How to Fix It!

4 Types of Relationship Baggage and How to Fix It!

All of us have life experiences that scar us. Hopefully, we grow from these events. Sometimes the time it takes is longer rather than shorter. Dealing with these problems is hard enough. But bringing them into a relationship can be even harder. It’s important to have awareness of these issues, take stock and consider ways to fix them. Some classic themes emerge when it comes to baggage that many of us lug into relationships. These include past abuse, fiscal mishaps, defunct relationships, emotional hang-ups etc. Whether involved with another person, or hoping to be, it’s wise to consider how these different aspects can and regularly do impact the ones that love us.

Key Takeaways:

  • finances can be a big strain in relationships because stability is difficult.
  • abuse is not appropriate in relationships and may lead to a breakup.
  • past relationships, especially in childhood, can affect adult relationships due to conditioning.

“Recognize the baggage we bring and learning how to fix it can result in a one-day beautiful happy marriage journey.”

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