How to motivate your partner (special program)

How to motivate your partner (special program)

Do you know what the all-time most popular post on our blog is? It’s called Motivating Your Partner to Improve the Relationship. Month after month, this post is #1… which can only mean that this question is really important to you. So of course we asked Dr. John Gray for his thoughts on the matter. And his response was unique, powerful, and full of great insights backed by scientific research and decades of experience. In fact, it was so good that we built a very special program for you so your relationship can gain from his wisdom. But first, let’s watch a sneak peak… (also, get a pad & take notes—trust us).

And that, my friends, was just the first 3 minutes! 

If you want more (and believe us, you want the full uncut video), here’s how you get it:

Sign up for a quarterly (that’s 3 months, btw) subscription to CoupleWise and enter code MOTIVATE90 at checkout and you’ll pay just $12 for 3 months of CoupleWise (that’s 80% off!).

That’s right: 3 months of full access to CoupleWise, plus…

  • The complete How To Motivate My Partner interview with Dr. John Gray,
  • 2 more exclusive interview videos with Dr. John where he covers his
    • 80/20 relationship rule
    • how certain communication techniques will change any relationship into a long lasting one
    • identifying the most common scenarios that lead to escalating arguments (and how to avoid them)
    • and so much more.
  • and a 6-page PDF download containing two of his best relationship exercises that, when followed, are guaranteed to move your relationship forward. All for only $12.

And with your 3 month subscription to CoupleWise you will:

  • Identify your most important emotional needs and get to the bottom of the real issues with your relationship
  • Understand (and be surprised by) your partner’s most important emotional needs
  • Learn powerful communication skills, and a proven method to resolve current and future conflicts with our Conflict Resolution course
  • Learn how to disagree (even argue!) without damaging your relationship
  • Get access to over 100 couples exercises, our Know Each Other interactive dating game, and more.

If you’ve been searching for answers on how to motivate your partner to improve your relationship with you, we have your answer. Click ENROLL NOW and use code MOTIVATE90 at checkout!



About John Gray, PhD.
John Gray is the best-selling relationship author of all time and the most trusted voice in relationships today. He is the author of 17 books, including The New York Times #1 Best-Selling Book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. His books have sold over 50 million copies in 50 different languages around the world. For more than 35 years he has conducted public and private seminars for thousands of participants. He is a popular speaker and has appeared on Oprah, The Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The CBS Morning Show, Live with Regis, Larry King Live, CNN and many others. John’s purpose is to create a world where men and women understand, respect, and appreciate their differences and ultimately work together.

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