Designing Higher Quality Time

Designing Higher Quality Time

We are surrounded by distractions that, if we are not careful, can reduce the amount of quality time we dedicate to our marriage partner. Fortunately, this podcast episode provides tips on how to fight distractions and create quality time. If our ministry has helped you, we invite you to become a partner with us. Our partners benefit from behind-the-scenes access and unique interactions, plus benefits like discount codes and exclusive content. Our ministry’s mission is to point couples to Christ.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are lots of distractions in daily life for married couples.
  • You can intentionally set time in your day to focus on your partner and your marriage.
  • Once married couples have participated they can join the ministry in recruiting other married couples

“Those who do can expect unique interactions, behind-the-scenes access, and random benefits like freebies, discount codes, and exclusive content.”

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