Emotional Opposites in Relationships

Emotional Opposites in Relationships

Posted by Sharon Jackson

“Of all the ways that opposites attract, the thorniest may be when emotionally giving types pair up with types who are emotionally reserved.”  The Wall Street Journal has a really interesting article called, “Show me the Love….Or Not,”  that asks the question, “How do two very emotionally different people in an intimate relationship, make it work?”

Dr. Phyllis Goldberg, Ph.D and Marriage and Family Therapist says, ” Opposites often do attract in relationships, especially when one sees qualities in the other they wish they had.  But when the honeymoon is over, these once appealing traits can feel burdensome.  For introverts who need their space, a more extroverted partner can seem needy.  Just as a demonstrative partner can experience one who is more self-contained as rejecting.  Of course, these are sweeping generalizations that should be taken in context.  In any marriage, an understanding of what each other wants in the affection arena and a willingness to compromise goes a long way. “

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