REPORT: “What Works in Marriage and Relationship Education?”

REPORT: “What Works in Marriage and Relationship Education?”

If anyone still has doubts that short-term, inexpensive, skill-building, educational interventions can be powerfully effective in improving and even saving marriages, we at believe you will find this read a powerful inspiration.

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Research report provided by the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center. Written by Alan J. Hawkins, PhD. and Theodora Ooms, MSW.

4 thoughts on “REPORT: “What Works in Marriage and Relationship Education?”

  1. This research report demonstrates how important marriage and relationship education is to preserving long-term relationships in under-served communities. Some of the people most in need are those who have been raised in single parent households with a lack of role models for stable partner relationships. These individuals may be more inclined to abandon a significant relationship when problems arise, because they lack the skills necessary to negotiate and compromise. Marriage and relationship education is an excellent and inexpensive way to learn these skills.
    Considering the devastating and lifelong psychological effects that separation and divorce have on children, it would be wise to support and expand society’s investment in marriage and relationship education programs.
    Barbara Bartlik, MD
    New York City

  2. Raising awareness in couples who are motivated to improve their marriage is the first step toward change. And specific short term interventions, like how to build effective communication or how to resolve conflict, can be effective strategies. Programs that provide practical and easy-to-implement information will most likely lead couples to action and relationship growth.
    Phyllis Goldberg,Ph.D.
    Phyllis Goldberg, Ph.D. is a consultant in family dynamics. Whether you’re coping with marital stress, acting out teens, aging parents, or boomerang kids, she has practical solutions. Log on to and sign up for a complimentary eZine, ‘Stepping Stones,’ and eBook, “Courage and Lessons Learned: Reaching Your Goals.”

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