What if I Married an Unbeliever?

What if I Married an Unbeliever?

One of the most common things that cause anxiety within a relationship or a marriage between two people is a difference of religious beliefs. Some religious people will have bad anxiety or even refuse to marry the person they truly believe is their soulmate specifically if they aren’t a believer. You can join the ministry and play a major role in helping others with this issue. When you sign up you can help point couples to Christ and commission their marriage towards the gospel.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can become a part of the mission that points couples to Christ and commissions marriages for the gospels.
  • The issue with marrying someone of a different faith or an Atheist is one that has existed in religion forever.
  • There have been many marriages in the past that have been successful even though both parties were of a different religion.

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