Why Evangelicals Can’t Influence the World about Sex

Why Evangelicals Can’t Influence the World about Sex

Evangelicals have been trying to change the conversation surrounding sex over the last three years but they are failing to do so. One of the problems with their view is that they have gotten sex wrong and their way of explaining it is also flawed as well. The entire central viewpoint of the Evangelical life is that Jesus is the Truth and he is the way to everything. We all know Evangelicals say pre-marital sex is bad, but they never tend to explain why.

Key Takeaways:

  • One of the big issues with modern Christians is that they have forgotten that Jesus is the way to truth and to life.
  • Everyone knows that evangelicals believe you shouldn’t have sex before marriage, but nobody ever explains why they believe that.
  • If the church wants to reach more people, they need to start having much more engaging and fair conversations and arguments.

“Even the “bounce your eyes” solution to lust STILL treats women as sex objects.”

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