Q&A with Dr. John Gray: his take on COVID-19 and its impact on relationships

Q&A with Dr. John Gray: his take on COVID-19 and its impact on relationships

I don’t know if you’ve looked out your window lately – but we’re in something of a tight spot. A few simultaneous, overlapping, cataclysmic tight spots, actually. COVID-19, an increasingly bitter election cycle, nationwide protests, the west coast is on fire… all of these things have been on our minds, and we knew they’d have an adverse impact on our relationships, so we figured we’d ask Dr. John Gray for his take, while we were at it. It turned into a valuable dialogue for anyone wanting to grow their relationship.

This should come as no surprise, but he traces so many troubles in society back to family relationships. And of course, we agree: the pain and psychological trouble that emanate from unhealthy relationships has so many downstream effects, from traumas to addiction, even productivity at work.

I’ll bet you can guess our solution, too…

John Gray is the best-selling relationship author of all time and the most trusted voice in relationships today. He is the author of 17 books, including The New York Times #1 Best-Selling Book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. His books have sold over 50 million copies in 50 different languages around the world. For more than 35 years he has conducted public and private seminars for thousands of participants. He is a popular speaker and has appeared on Oprah, The Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The CBS Morning Show, Live with Regis, Larry King Live, CNN and many others. John’s purpose is to create a world where men and women understand, respect, and appreciate their differences and ultimately work together.

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